First Studio Photos – Edith and Lola

My tiny, dinky small home studio is sort of ready! A few things to move and a few corners to organise and I’ll be there. With the seamless white background in place I couldn’t resist taking a few photos with 2 of my most challenging photo pigs, Edith (all white) and Lola (tricolour with a black face).

All done with natural light only and a few tweaks on Lightroom…much practice is needed I think!SPFLola Studio Test1SPF Edith Studio Test SPFLola Studio Test2

A Fabulous Workshop!

A few weeks ago I headed down to Brighton to attend a photography workshop with the super talented dog photographer, Rhian from Brighton Dog Photography! It was a great opportunity to get inspired and learn some hints, tricks and tips on how to photograph dogs outdoors! The beautiful pugs Boo and Vera were the models for the afternoon and later a very energetic Darcy joined us for some action shots!

Rhian is fantastic, as if all her knowledge wouldn’t be enough she has heaps of passion for the subject and is able to inspire and get you really going for it! I highly recommended booking a workshop or if you have a dog or two why not book a shoot with her. Check her website, her work is amazing!

My favourite shot of the day is the one below, from a super energetic Vera!


Ferocious! Toy Poodle

This is Becas! She is no longer with us, she passed to the bridge a few years ago. A sweet looking but ferocious toy poodle that adored my mum. I, of course, was her rival and she loved showing me her teeth!

Hope you’re well at the rainbow bridge!

A young Rosie!

This is Rosie, a gorgeous Golden Retriever 3 month old puppy I photographed last December! She was a handful and it took some playing time to get her to relax for the camera.

Rosie has since grown but is still as playful as before and a dynamic, outdoor session is on the cards for the next couple of months!

Thank you to Marie (her human mummy) for this gorgeous model!